Men's Organic Cotton Clothing

Men's Organic Cotton Clothing

About our organic cotton clothes

Men's natural, fair trade, organic clothing, made with handwoven organic cotton. Organic cotton clothes have a wonderful feel against your skin. The cloth is handwoven, naturally dyed and tailored specifically for Spirals of Abundance, making a unique textile that you won't find in any of the high street shops.

Vegetable dyes

These beautiful colours are produced using one 100% natural vegetable dyes.

The deep purple colour is derived from Berberis, a Himalayan berry.
The emerald green comes from a combination of pomegranate's skin, walnut's skin and Terminalia chebula (Black myrobalam), a medicinal plant from the Himalayas.
Walnuts are used to produce the rich earthy brown colour.

The stone white clothes are undyed, revealing the natural colour of the organic cotton.

For samples of the cloth please email us your address and which colours/weights you are interested in