Embroidered badges

Embroidered badges

These hand-embroidered badges have intricate designs with vibrant colours that liven up clothes, bags, cushion covers or can even just be hung on the wall. They are also great for covering up stains and holes on your favourite clothes. The small badges look great on jean pockets, covering up logos on sweatshirts etc. The medium ones look good on bags & t-shirts, the large & extra large are good on t-shirts, the backs of jackets, cushion covers, wall hangings & can even be used as mouse mats.

Approximate sizes are;

  • small - 8.5 cm (£1.99)
  • Medium - 13cm (£2.99)
  • Large - 16cm (£3.99)
  • Extra large - 20cm (£4.99)

Fair trade from Nepal

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