Lokta paper

This paper has been made from time immemorial in Nepal from the bark of Daphnea Cannebina or Daphnea Papyracca called Lokta. These trees are found in the forests of Nepal between the altitudes of 6500 ft and 9500ft in the Himalayas. The tree has remarkable regenerative characteristics and will regrow within a few years, thus being a sustainable source of paper. There are thought to be around 20,000 Lokta gatherers in Nepal most of whom are rural women.

The making process

The bark is stripped from the plant and is then chopped up into small pieces and soaked in hot water for several hours. This mixture is then pulped and then put it into wooden frames for drying into sheets of paper in the sun.

The paper

Lokta paper is unique in many ways, it can be preserved for very long periods of time. Lokta has medicinal properties and it’s ashes are used as antiseptic and combined with some local ingredients, it may be applied as a hot compress for muscle pain. Lokta paper is also excellent for wrapping precious stones as its soft fibres do not scratch the stones. If it wrinkles the creases may be ironed out.


In Nepal Lokta paper is the Government’s official paper.


The products

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