For some, clothing is just a practicality. For us, clothing is an experience. Our organic cotton clothes provide a rich experience of colour, texture and feel. We believe that how they feel on you, and how they make you feel is very important. We know that the better your clothes feel on you, the better you feel. That is why we stock high quality fibres that feel the best.

The cotton is grown organically by farmers in Gorkha, Tanahu and Dang districts of western Nepal. It is then taken to a collective spinning factory in Butwal. The spun cotton is then naturally dyed and handwoven at Gandaki Handicrafts, a small family business in Baktapur, Kathmandu. This cotton is dyed using vegetable dyes, handwoven and is not chemically treated.

The farmers are small scale subsistence farmers and are not certified as organic as this is financially impossible for them, and would dramatically increase the cost of the clothes.

This cotton is very thick and warm. We have clothes for men & women.

  • The brown dye comes from walnuts, the blue and purple dyes come from Himalayan berries.
  • Non-organic cotton can be sprayed with pesticides up to 7 times in its production
  • At least 20,000 people in developing countries die every year from poisoning by agricultural pesticides and 3 million suffer acute or reproductive after effects due to non-organic farming practices. (World Health Organisation cited on
  • A further 200,000 farmers commit suicide as a result of debt caused by pesticide purchase.
  • 10% of all pesticides and 24% of all insecticides worldwide is used on cotton, on only 2.5% of agricultural land
  • More hazardous pesticides are used on cotton then any other crop.

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