7 Ways To Think Differently

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7 Ways to Think Differently: Embrace Potential, Respond to Life, Discover Abundance by Looby Macnamara

The thoughts and actions of people past and present have determined the current state of our planet. If we change our thinking, we can change the health of our own lives, and also the future state of our world. 7 Ways to Think Differently explores ways to address personal, social and environmental concerns in simple practical steps in our daily lives, helping us to make incremental, achievable changes. As well as addressing our internal landscapes, Looby explains how individuals and communities can work together to achieve positive change. She also explores the current political and mainstream paradigms and where they are leading us.

Learn about:

• Abundance thinking

• Solutions thinking

• Systems thinking

• Thinking like nature

• Co-operative thinking

• Thinking for the future

• From thought to action


These ways to think differently are influential alternatives to the current mindset and can shift us to a better present, as well as setting us on a trajectory towards a better future. This is for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Looby offers potent medicine for a world full of challenges.

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